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You can find a full copy of our Terms and Conditions here. However, the main points are summarised below:

1. No returns are accepted on decorated tiles, returns of excess plain tiles can only be accepted at our discretion and must be in good order.

2. The Douglas Watson Studio shall not be liable for any shortage or for any failure of the goods to comply with the buyers specification or for any defect in the condition of the goods unless written claim is given to the Seller within three days of receipt of the goods. Returns will only be accepted if the Seller is able to examine the goods.

3. The Studio must be notified in writing within three days of delivery of any damage or breakages.

4. Due to the nature of handmade tiles we cannot guarantee complete consistency in size thickness and colour. Any samples sent out are only indications as to the character of the goods.

5. Orders can only be undertaken with written confirmation and payment of 50% deposit.

6. Full payment must be received before delivery.

7. All lead times are approximate and in the event of a delay you will be advised at the earliest opportunity.


The Douglas Watson Studio is committed to holding only such personal data relating to our customers as we deem necessary to effectively deliver the services that we provide to them. In providing us with such information, you are confirming that you have the consent of the person or entity to which it relates to share this information with us. In all cases, we will take all reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure that the information provided:

  • Is used only for the purpose for which it has been supplied.
  • Is held securely and only for as long as is necessary for effective delivery of our service
  • Will not be shared with any other person or organisation except in the case of delivery of goods.
  • Is accessible, retrievable, correctable and removable throughout the period that it is retained.