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A selection of installation images sent to us by clients, designers and contractors. Scroll down to see our subcategories - "Fireplaces", "Bathrooms", "Kitchens" and "Miscellaneous".


A collection of our Fireplace installations.

Many projects that we work on are for clients that want to renovate their fireplaces. Whether it may be a Delft theme, Scallop (Fishscale) tiles, or something new altogether, we pride ourselves in creating the best tiles to suit the area. We offer a bespoke service that allows clients to send through the dimensions of the fireplace, which we can then use to assist us in working out how many tiles are needed to fill the desired area.

A fire surround adorned with a selection of our 'Delft' tiles, some of which are in polychrome. This adds real life and soul to any fireplace, whilst keeping it looking neat and tidy.

Featured here are a mixture of many different Delft ranges…

And many more.

This 'Delft Landscape' fireplace incorporates scenes in circles, full and broad landscapes, to create a classic Delft masterpiece.
A gorgeous shot of our 'Harlequin' 6" tiles, tessellating to create an interesting and innovative pattern. The possibilities are endless!

A bold use of our “Harlequin” range for a house in L.A.

1760 - Eilean Aigas Progress
1760 - Eilean Aigas Progress


A collection of our Bathroom installations.

The Large Venezia design for a bathroom in London
An elegant bathroom, featuring our 'Large Venezia' 6" fresco tiles. Our tiles have been used inside the shower and on the floor of the bathroom, creating an infinity effect and bringing all the elements of the room together to create a masterpiece.
Our subtle and classic 'Firenze' fresco 6" tiles, alongside a bespoke shell design on fresco 6", compliment this sleek bathroom. The design is articulated so that the tiles are reflected in the mirror, catching ones eye from all angles.
A bathroom fitted with our 'Tangier' 6" fresco & glaze tiles. This series features 9 different designs, alternating, to create a fantastic zingy pattern. Bound to draw the eye of guests when visiting!
Our Greek Figures fresco tiles in an original layout with black fresco and 15 x 15 cm stone tiles.
A stunning photograph of our 'Peacock' large scallops, installed in a shower. The matching colour grout really ties in the scallops with one another, and encourages the eye to wander and take in each and every tone of the shade.
A clients shower, fitted with our scallop tiles in 'Peacock' and a series of green shades. 4" tiles were used for the niche, and the edges of the outer tiles were glazed to ensure a clean and tidy finish.


A collection of our Kitchen installations, featuring backsplashes and murals.

A clients kitchen, fitted with our beautiful 'Moroccan Green' large scallops. The white grout contrasts well with the glassy green surface of the scallops, creating a dramatic yet classy look.

A spectacular panel based on traditional “Iznik” tiles from Turkey.

Commissioned for a client's Tudor home in Oxfordshire, this scene based on original tudor embroideries, was designed and painted by Doug.
The Galleon Panel painted in blue and combined with narrow brick tiles.
A full scene that incorporates our 'Balloon' panel designs ('Hydrogen' & 2 'Montgolfier'). The possibilities are endless here, but this client has chosen to have the 3 balloon designs, alongside a seascape, to liven up the space behind their Aga.
Del36 Flower tiles with colour keyed into the Aga.
The Spiral Leaf Border in a kitchen in Boston, USA.
Our large white scallops, fitted as a backsplash behind a cooker. The perfect addition for any home looking for a clean, fresh finish.
Polychrome Delft Mixed Designs interspersed with plain Corner Motif tiles.
Sets of two pairs of 4 'Delft' designs, surrounded by a field of plain tiles, to brighten up the space behind a clients Aga.
A set of 'Delft' tiles, alternating with corner motifs, behind a work surface area on a boat. These dainty designs revolve around a 'sea-life' theme, so compliment one another well.
A panel of 'Parrots and Passionflowers' set carefully behind the Aga.
Custom designed Chameleon tiles with leaf border for a chateau in France
A row of a mixture of tiles from a selection of different series, including 'Trades', 'Boats', 'Blue Fish', 'Childrens Games'.
'Delft' designs with interesting corners, placed between plain crackled tiles, to turn a plain area behind a sink into something spectacular.