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FAQ's & Advice

As our tiles are hand-made and hand-painted, they differ from mass produced tiles, and this means they need to be treated with great care. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive, other advice about our tiles and how to go about preparing for your order.

Where can I use the tiles?

Our tiles can be used in any number of situations indoors, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, for fireplaces, conservatories and hallways too. As murals and plaques they make exciting and unique features in exterior architectural settings and gardens. Some tiles are additionally suitable for floor areas.

How can I prepare?

It is important to tell us where it is that you intend to place your tiles, we can then advise you on their suitability, and use the appropriate materials and processes. Make sure that you employ an experienced and qualified tile fitter to install your tiles in advance, and follow our installation notes as closely as you can.

How many tiles do I need?

If you are unsure about how many tiles you need to fill a certain area, we are happy to help. Just provide us with the measurements and any other information you deem relevant and we will advise.  You can also use the Tile Calculator tool found on each tile range.

Are the tile surfaces durable?

Underglaze colours are used to paint directly onto the glaze which is then fired to temperatures in excess of 1000.C. This makes them very durable in most conditions and completely permanent and unaffected by light or heat.

How thick are the tiles?

Our tiles are approx. 9-10mm thick and should be a similar width to most other tiles – if you intend to intersperse them with tiles from a different company (however it is always worth checking).

Installation notes? 

Our advice and preparation note is available here, but we do include one in the box with every sample order.

We have an installation note available here, but we do include one in the box with every order.